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My clients choose me to lead their ceremonies because as a Humanist Officiant with the Humanist Association of Canada, I am legally certified to perform ceremonies for people in Ontario.
I preside at many types of ceremonies:
- Weddings (the most popular)
- Co-Lead Weddings (where you chose a loved one to co-lead the ceremony)
- Commitments
- Child welcoming
- Baby namings
- Funerals.

Humanist Ceremonies

What makes a ceremony specifically a “Humanist” ceremony?
All officiants or celebrants, be they clergy, clerks or humanists, usually identify themselves and state who they work with. So in our case, we would add this at the beginning:

“My name is Dave Corkery, I am an Officiant with the Humanist Association of Canada. Humanism is an ethical, non-religious philosophy of life, based on reason, equality, and freedom."

That’s it! The rest of the ceremony is all yours to create.

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