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Once-Upon-a-Wedding Clients

My Clients Choose Me to Lead Their Ceremonies

My clients choose me to lead their ceremonies because as a Humanist Officiant with the Humanist Association of Canada, I am legally certified to marry people in Ontario.
I preside at many types of ceremonies:
- Weddings (the most popular)
- commitments
- baby namings
- funerals.

What is a Humanist Wedding Ceremony?

Humanist weddings are very similar to what you would get in a civil ceremony at city hall in that they are both non-religious events but they have a few differences:

1. Whereas a civil ceremony is typically very short and focusses on the legal aspects. We include romantic readings that you choose throughout the event, and also may do other special ceremonies such as: ring ceremony, hand ceremony, (No. 1 favourite), rose ceremony, and others. You will be able to custom design your readings, vows, and anything else
you want added to the event, making it all yours, all the way.

2. You can add family and friends to join in with readings you decide on and

3. We do it at your location, be it in your backyard, or on a raft in the middle of a lake! Very cool!

The Institution of Marriage

Why would I want to be an officiant at a wedding for people I have just met? Well I like to meet new people - especially to help them at one of the happiest events of their lives. I am also a firm believer in the institution of marriage. I know, I know: Who wants to live in an institution? Oldest joke in the book! But seriously, folks, I think that marriage is a cornerstone of our society. It is a public affirmation that two people have decided to put their energies together, to work together toward a common goal. I admit that legal marriage is not absolutely required for the couple’s happiness, but the day they look at each other and decide they want to “get serious”, to me, is another step towards enriching their life.

Wedding couple in the rain

I am somewhat concerned about this whole gay marriage backlash, not so much here in Canada, but in America and other places. Here we have a situation where two gay people want to enter the married life, for all the same reasons as non-gay people. They value marriage! It reinforces the institution. As a humanist, I cannot take seriously the claims from some that it is “destroying” marriage. It is strengthening it. I support love, and promote marriage to whomever is in love.

Gay marriage

If you need a non-religious ceremony, either standard or personalized, you’ve come to the right place.

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