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Cassie and Phil

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"My husband and I were extremely happy to have booked Dave from Once Upon a Wedding to officiate our wedding day. From our first meeting, we knew he would be perfect for our day.  Dave is very accommodating and easy to work with.  He is quick with his correspondence and works with you over the months coming up to the wedding to create a beautiful, personalized script with as many or as little elements as you choose.  He provides many examples to help and openly welcomes your own ideas and meaningful mini-ceremonies to add into the day. Dave is personable, friendly, an excellent public speaker, and his genuinely nice personality makes the day stress free and enjoyable. We have had so many compliments from our guests on how personalized our ceremony was, how it really showed our love and how we are as a couple to our family and friends, and how wonderfully it was delivered- and this was all thanks to Dave! 

Thank you for making our wedding day special and one to remember.
" Cassie & Phil, 2017-10

Adam and Kayla

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"Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You made the entire process from start to finish so easy, we appreciate that so much! We will absolutely be recommending you to all of our friends!

Thank you again, and hopefully we will be seeing you at future weddings!
" Adam & Kayla, 2018-05

Kem and Nadine

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"We want to thank-you for all your support and the follow-ups including help with the planning and the awesome officiating.  You helped to make our special day memorable and meaningful.   We really appreciate your help with everything and just wanted to say thanks.  Our families were very impressed and you helped make everything come together for us.  

All the best.
" Kem & Nadine , 2018-05

Bryan and Kat

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"We cannot thank you enough for doing such a great job with our ceremony. The process leading up to it went so smoothly and became so personalized and flowed really well. Your suggestion on vows helped us to really nail down what we wanted to say and not ramble. We received so much positive feedback on both the ceremony and vows and a good chunk of that is due to you. Aside from positive feedback from others, it was perfect to the two of us.
Thanks for the details on the legal aspects moving forward. We will take care of it when the time comes.

Thanks again Dave. We were just so happy with how the ceremony turned out.
" Bryan & Kat , 2018-06

Steph and Evan

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"I don’t know where to start with Dave.  He is amazing!  He was super informative right off the bat, providing us with all the information needed to create an amazing ceremony.  I’m not sure about other companies, but with Dave, we had the option to write the entire ceremony ourselves (which we chose to do).  He was there, just an email away, throughout the entire process and sent lots of check-in emails to make sure we were on track to have the perfect ceremony ready with lots of time to spare.  He even helped us out with our legal Ontario ceremony (because our wedding was held in Quebec) and wrote up a very brief, but adorable, piece to make that day just as special for us.  We have had countless compliments from all our guests about the gorgeous ceremony and I would definitely recommend hiring Dave to do your ceremony as well!" Steph & Evan , 2018-09

Sepideh & Chris

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"We would like to give you sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts for making sure that our wedding had a truly excellent ceremony at it's centre. Your guidance from the very beginning and stewardship during the ceremony created something truly amazing and way better than we could have imagined or done on our own. We cannot thank you enough for making the day truly special for us and all our guests. 

Everyone who interacted with you has something positive to say about it which can only speak to the quality of your character. We had a lot of people ask about you and we hope they will someday contact you to retain your services. And even though Chris made a joke about getting you for "all his weddings" , it does make us a little sad we only get to plan our ceremony with you once! All jokes aside, it was an incredible day, like the best kind of dream, and we have you to thank for so much of it. 

All the best.
" Sepideh & Chris , 2018-09


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"Thank you for everything. The ceremony went great .. you made us feel very comfortable.

I'm glad you enjoyed chatting with my grandparents. I laughed so much when I read what you wrote in your closing letter about my cousin rolling her eyes .. that is so something she would do. Haha! I even read it to her and she couldn't stop laughing. 

Thanks again :)
" Sasha & Mohsen, 2017-04

Bri and Chris (& Isla!)

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"We LOVED having you with us on our day, it was perfect and I absolutely love that you tailor the ceremony to exactly our liking. Your kind voice and personality really made the ceremony complete. 

Thank you so much again, it was great meeting you." Bri & Chris (& Isla!), 2017-06


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"Thanks Dave and thanks for doing this. It went off perfectly. We appreciate the suggestions and all the material you provided to choose from. It was a great day. 

Thanks again and take care" Gilles & Diane, 2017-07

Nadine and Saleh

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"Thank you so much for all your work! We really enjoyed working with you, you made the ceremony light and fun I think everything turned out amazingly. I know it was challenging not getting to meet us before the wedding, but you handled yourself very well and everyone said it was a beautiful ceremony!

Thank you again for everything.
" Nadine & Saleh, 2017-07

Christie and Sander

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"We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for making our big day a great one.  We sincerely appreciated your advice when planning our vows.
Your delivery on the day of was excellent - we had guests tell us you were an excellent speaker.  You probably knew that, but I figure you wouldn't mind hearing it.

Thanks again.
" Christie & Sander, two blissfully happy newlyweds. 2017-07

Sopheap and Tosh

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"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dave!!! We are so grateful you were able to officiate our wedding. You did an amazing job. We couldn't be happier!!!
The day went very well! It was so perfect. 

Thank you for sending everything out. Looking forward to receiving our certificate and changing my last name!!!! 

Take care and thanks again!!

Lots of love.
" Sopheap & Tosh, 2017-08

Linda and Stephen

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"Thank you!! It was a great ceremony, we received many positive feedback from our guests. Our moms loved the rose ceremony! 

You were great! We are so glad that you came to our rescue. We wouldn't have imagined our ceremony any other way, we really liked how you provided options and how we were able to customize our script!! 

Thanks again!
" Linda & Stephen, 2017-09

Jaclyn and Josh

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"Stars do align sometimes and that is what happened when we met you, we had a perfect day, our guests and ourselves will always be grateful for how you made our day so special.

When we first met you, we knew that you had a special gift in your heart and that feeling helped us feel very comfortable on our special day, that being said we couldn't have had a better ceremony and our guests couldn't have had a better time witnessing it.

Thank you so much for your support and help with our very special day that we will always remember for the rest of our lives.
With that and the POWER OF GRAYSKULL we will always remember you and recommend you to anyone that is being married or just needs a good pep

Thank you for everything and if you ever want or need a coffee our door is always open to you.

" Jaclyn & Josh, 2017-09

Kate and Nick

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"Thank you SO much for making our wedding perfect. It was everything we ever dreamed of." Kate & Nick 2015-10

Mike and Lesley

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“Dave’s professionalism was second to none. He was exactly what we were looking for on our wedding day. He helped us stay at ease during the ceremony and guided us right through to the end when we walked down the aisle. If we had to do this all over again, Dave Corkery would definitely be the first person we would call.” Thanks for making our special day even better. Mike & Lesley, 2015-09

Ryan and Natalie

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"Dave made the process of determining and planning our ceremony very special. We knew we would be in good hands on our wedding day. Our ceremony was beautiful and Dave executed our special excerpts perfectly." Ryan & Natalie, 2015-09

Shelley and Moe

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"We finally received our photos from our photographer and we would like to share some with you! Please feel free to use any of the photos as you’d like.

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job.

Best Regards
" Shelley & Moe, 2015-07

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